Diamond Color

  • Color is the degree of whiteness or colorlessness in a diamond. It refers to the diamond’s absence of color.
  • The highest grading on the GIA Color Grading Scale is the letter D, which means completely colorless, and continues with the increasing presence of a yellow hue to the grading letter Z, which means light yellow.
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D – F
G – J
Near Colorless
K – M
Faint Yellow
N – R
Very Light Yellow
S – Z
Light Yellow

Fancy Color Diamonds

Beyond the GIA D to Z Color Grading Scale, there are diamonds that possess natural colors such as blue, brown, green, pink, and yellow. These are known as Fancy Color diamonds, which are extremely rare.

Unlike white or colorless diamonds, fancy-color diamonds are evaluated more for their color intensity than their brilliance. The GIA uses three terms to describe the color of these diamonds: Hue, Tone and Saturation.

Hue – color of the diamond
Tone – lightness or darkness of diamond
Saturation – depth or strength of color